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Trees connect us deeply to place and planet. To tell the story of a tree is to recognise the land that gives it life and the biodiversity its existence depends on. Trees anchor us to the present, to the value of slow growth, stable roots and dancing joyfully in the breeze.

To follow a path of trees is to take one step at a time. To work sustainably in cycles and rhythms. To plant seeds for the future. We can do this in any aspect of life, whether cooking food, planning a vacation, or even building software.

Path of Trees is a software company grounded in this practice. We believe it’s our responsibility to leave the world better than we found it, even in the small things. When we started the company, we begain in this spirit by planting the first of many trees.

Gum tree sapling just planted in bushland

Our team

Path of Trees was founded by Judd Garratt, a design leader and 10 year Atlassian veteran. While at Atlassian, Judd led a number of globally dispersed teams where different perspectives were the key to crafting great products. Judd has brought this same ethos to Path of Trees. We work from many places around the world and embrace our (bio)diversity.

Judd Garratt profile

Our values

We make ‘fewer, better things’. Our software is focused, useful and thoughtfully crafted. We care about the details. What we choose to do, we do well.

We balance this by doing things ‘as simple as possible, but no simpler’, adding exactly what is needed and avoiding unnecessary complexity. Whether it’s creating software or growing veggies, we believe that living is about making conscious choices and we see every decision as a chance to choose our path.

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