Supported formatting and macros

Apply formatting to a Confluence page - like tables, information panels and code snippets - to include this in the html output when the page is published to the cloud.

Currently supported formatting and macros

Supported formatting and macros will be included as html markup with appropriate class names as needed. This enables published pages to use the css styling of your website.

To have a piece of formatting (e.g. a numbered list) or a macro (e.g. a panel) display in a particular way on your website, make sure the corresponding css is included in the html template selected at publish time.


Formatting Notes
Bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript
Headings (h1 - h6), links, inline code, quote, bullet list, numbered list
Emoji Excluding user-defined emoji and any custom emoji without a corresponding Unicode character
Text alignment, coloured text Inline styles from Confluence defining the text alignment and colour are preserved in the output markup
Action items Included as an unordered list with class inline-task-list
Decisions Included as an unordered list with class decision-list
User mentions Class: user-mention

Class: table. Wrapped in div.table-wrap

Inline styles from Confluence defining column width are preserved in the output markup

Page layouts Class: columnLayout. Wrapped in div.contentLayout2


Macro Notes
Panel (info, note, success, warning, error, custom) Class: panel-text. Excludes the panel icon/emoji
Expand Class: expand-container
Code snippet Class: panel-code
Status lozenge Class: status-macro
Embedded Jira issue Class: jira-issue
Include Page
Page Properties Class: page-property
Excerpt Include Class: panel-inline (when ‘remove surrounding panel’ is unticked)

Macros not in this list will be removed before the content of a page is inserted into the selected html template when publishing. See: Use variables in an html template

Image support

Embedded images in a Confluence page are published along with page content. Only images that appear in the published html page will be included.

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