Mentoring in design and people management

Judd Garratt is an experienced design leader and 10-year Atlassian veteran. He has built and managed a variety of design teams over his career - from small crews co-located in Australia, to large teams spread across five timezones.

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At Path of Trees we believe in working sustainably and supporting the people around us. One way we do this is by offering mentoring with Judd. Mentoring is focused around:

Design and people management

Building design influence

Design career guidance

Design team ways of working

Design facilitation techniques

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Judd goes the extra mile to create a safe space for mentoring with his friendly and supportive approach. As a senior IC who transitioned into a management role, Judd's guidance for first-time managers & regular mentoring helped me make the transition with confidence & ease.

Mannu, Design Manager

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I highly recommend Judd to anyone looking for an enthusiastic and empathic mentor, for anyone who wants to take the next step in their career, or to anyone who wants to improve their craft processes and ways of working.

Kelly, Design Lead

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In a difficult time in my career, Judd provided frameworks, stories, resource and strategies. But more than that, he offered compassion and clarity on the sometimes solitary path of leadership.

Tash, Head of Design

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There is a fee involved to cover Judd’s time investment. However, we normally organise and charge mentoring per quarter so Judd can offer extra time, when needed by a mentee, without increasing the overall cost. Every situation is unique, so please reach out if you’re interested and we can talk through options.

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