Determine the boundaries of a 'Named content section'

Content sections can be added using the Named content section macro when authoring a page in Confluence. Content below a Named content section macro is part of the content section defined by that macro. If another Named content section macro is added further down, it will end the previous section and start a new one.

In the below example, the intro content section includes just the blue panel of content. The promotion Named content section macro ends the intro section and starts a new promotion section.

Two Named content section macros with content between them. The second macro ends the first content section and starts a new one.

If a Named content section macro is added inside a layout column, table cell or another macro (e.g. expand, excerpt), the section will be limited to that container.

In the below example the promotion-thursday content section is limited to content below the macro in the table cell shaded in green. Content outside this cell (even if it is further down the page) will not be included in this section.

A Named content section macro inside a green table cell, showing that the section is limited by the boundaries of the cell.

Content in Named content section macros will be inserted into the selected html template when a page is published to the cloud.

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