Publish to Cloud for Confluence

Author content collaboratively in Confluence, then publish directly to the cloud service where your Jamstack website is stored.

Use Confluence as a headless CMS. Draft, iterate and publish content from one location. Keep content creators in flow, by enhancing the tool they already use.

Publish to Cloud for Conflunece - headless CMS for Jamstack website content

Available now on the Atlassian Marketplace for Confluence Cloud

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Publish to the cloud services you already use

Draft in Confluence, where the whole team can collaborate, then publish directly to a cloud service for automatic deployment to your website. Connect to:

  • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
  • Amazon S3
  • Zapier

More cloud services are in the works.

Publish to Cloud publish dialog with cloud service and template selection

Apply your own look and feel

Use templates to publish content as html files that pull in the existing layout and styles of your website.

Insert metadata and content sections using variables. These are populated from an individual Confluence page each time it’s published.

  • Write full html, no arbitrary restrictions
  • Link to your website’s existing scripts, stylesheets and static assets
  • Content authors select a template when publishing a page, shielding them from the technical details
Publish to Cloud html template editor

Author in a familiar tool

Create website content using Confluence where the team already works - no need to learn a new interface.

Add metadata and content sections with simple macros, so an entire page can be drafted together, regardless of the underlying html layout.

  • Apply formatting to include in the published page, including tables, information panels and code snippets
  • Use Confluence’s include macros to add content shared across pages
  • Mark which sections go into the published page - keep internal notes and inline comments private
Publish to Cloud page metadata and named content section macros

See Publish to Cloud for Confluence in action, plus get setup guidance for your use case.

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Secure by nature

Enable Publish to Cloud for selected spaces only to help prevent internal content from accidentally being published.

Built with Atlassian Forge, Atlassian’s preferred cloud app development platform.

  • Hosted by Atlassian - no third party servers
  • Path of Trees has no access to your site or data
Publish to Cloud being enabled for specific spaces

Save time, reduce errors and avoid interrupting developers

Keep your entire content workflow in one place. Draft, iterate and publish content entirely from Confluence.

Let the whole team update a Jamstack website without needing to copy/paste into another tool, or wait for a developer to add directly into code.

Imagine the possibilities!

Publish to Cloud being enabled for specific spaces

Available now on the Atlassian Marketplace for Confluence Cloud

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